About Us

Seth Gilbert, CEO

I started my career in the oil and gas industry in 2010 as a roughneck working for Nabors Drilling. While working for Nabors, one of my responsibilities was moving the oil rig every couple of weeks with cranes, riggers, and heavy haul trucks. It was this experience that led me to realize the crane industry was where I belonged. For me it was an exciting, interesting field. I also realized operators are needed in virtually every aspect of construction where erection or heavy lift is required, which meant no matter where I went, I would always have a good paying job with great benefits; where I could continue to grow and move up. It was this experience and realization, after being employed in the oil & gas industry and the crane industry for 9 years, that it was time to create my own company: Crane Training & Consulting Services. A company providing, but not limited to, CCO crane and rigging training as well as contract help for other companies. Offering them seasoned, intelligent operators and riggers who know how to get the job done safely and efficiently. I love this industry and want to make it my life. What better way to leave an impact, than to train new operators and help others advance their lives and unlock their successful futures in the industry I enjoy so much.