Online Exam Test Preparation/In Person Exam Test Preparation our location or yours.

Online NCCCO written test prep course

Here at Crane Training & Consulting services we know how valuable your time is and/or your employees time is. That is why we have devised a solely online curriculum that enables candidates to prepare for the written exam anywhere and from virtually any device. With our online curriculum and 24/7 access to a live person we can assure you get the help you need. Also, we have created customized practice tests to fit each individual based on specific training needs. We have a live chat and dedicated screen share sessions with real trainers to help you the best with any part of the course you may be having trouble with.

Pros to doing the online NCCCO test prep

  • no spendy flights and hotels.
  • no lost time or wages while you prepare for the NCCCO written exams, you study at your leisure.
  • one on one live tutor sessions included in test prep.
  • don’t test until you are ready.
  • cheaper pricing than the competition and more assistance.

In Person Exam Test Preparation

My NCCCO training class which includes up to three types of practical exams, practical exam test prep, written exam, and written exam test prep as well. Practical exams offered are lattice boom crawler, swing cab, fixed cab.

For sites hosted by Crane Training & Consulting Services the fee is 2000.00 pp this includes written test prep, practical exam practice as well as the practical exam test. This does not include candidate fees that are paid directly to NCCCO. Prep course consists of 5 days total. Practical exams will be able to be administered all 5 days. Study material will be sent ahead of time for candidates to study prior to arriving to testing facility.

Class cost is 2000.00 pp. class minimum size will vary depending on the length of travel required to mobe to your site.

500.00pp for practical exams that includes up to 2 exams one flat fee per person. Candidate minimum size will be required depending on the amount of travel required to move to your site.

Recertification refresher course 1000.00 per person class minimum size depending on amount of travel required.

Applicants or hosting company will be responsible for any candidate fees as well as any rush fees that might be incurred to speed up the application process those fees I will cover initially and will be paid in full to examiner at end of course.

Any application fees per person per specialty those will be paid directly to NCCCO at time candidate fills out the candidate application form on the NCCCO website.

NCCCO crane prep course at our location

For easy of testing as well as easy of setup, you can request to send candidates to our in-person course at one of our locations. Here all you will need to do is reach out to us with the requested information of the candidate who wishes to attend and we do the rest. This is a turnkey option and requires little to no work on your end

CTCS Course itinerary

Day: 1

Core test exam prep.

Day: 2

Load chart exam test prep.

Day: 3

Written exam brush up/ practical exam prep.

Day: 4

Practical exam prep/practical exams.

Day: 5

Written/practical exams.

Written test site will need to be arranged 4 weeks in advance to avoid incurring any penalty paid to NCCCO but can be scheduled up to 2 weeks prior to testing with a fee paid to NCCCO student can apply to take the written test up to two weeks prior to testing.

Practical exams can administer on demand and only require two days’ notice to test once test site is confirmed through NCCCO.

Students will be responsible for their candidate testing fee on the written test application which is filled out on the NCCCO website.

Below are all the candidate fees that are paid directly to NCCCO when submitting the application to test.

It takes approximately 4 weeks conservatively to get your CAD back for the crane setup on crane you wish to use unless expedited then fees will be incurred paid to nccco you can choose to get
them in two weeks or even as little as 1 week 100 to receive them in 2 weeks and 200 to receive them in 1 week

Thank you for your time I look forward to hearing from you.

Below I have highlighted the practical exams that could be administered on your location if you so choose to use my service. Along with the application fees paid directly to NCCCO.

Pros to hosting at your site.

  • Candidates can test on cranes they are familiar with and will be using.
  • Testing times can be setup to fit your needs /practical examiner must give 48 hours’ notice to NCCCO before testing applicants for their practical’s at minimum.
  • Unlimited practice time within reason will bring course to location and setup a full day prior at minimum depending on class size before exam is given
  • No hourly charges to practice that other test sites charge usually In the range of 100 an hour.
  • No paying for your employees to travel for lodging and rental vehicles and food. And in many cases their hourly wage while away.

Charges for hosting written exams if requested in less then a month


Test Administration
Late Fees
More than four weeks prior to exam: written $0
Less than four weeks to three weeks prior: written $200

Less than three weeks to two weeks prior: written

Candidate Late Fees Fee
If signed up in less than 9 days from Exam $50 p/p
Final day to signup is 5 days from exam  
Class Room Size Fee
10-15 Persons $200
1-10 Persons $300

Charges for expedited cad per each crane ( course setup schematic varies per crane) receive in 5 -7 business days 100 dollars per crane
Rush cads 200 per crane 1-2 business days

Mobile Crane Operator Program

Paper & Pencil Testing
Exam Fees

Written Exam: Core


Written Exams: Core + 1 Specialty


Written Exams: Core + 2 Specialties


Written Exams: Core + 3 Specialties 


Written Exams: Core + 4 Specialties


Written Exam: 1 Specialty only (Core passed)


Written Exams: 2 Specialties only (Core passed)


Written Exams: 3 Specialties only (Core passed)


Written Exams: 4 Specialties only (Core passed)




Practical Exam: 1 Mobile Crane Type


Practical Exams: 2 Mobile Crane Types


Practical Exams: 3 Mobile Crane Types